MACAN HITAM HARIMAU de Bordes – Hanafi



Originally the fighting system of Minangkabau was known as “Harimau Silek” which translates in to “Tiger Silat” and it was based on the mannerisms, behaviors and hunting and survival mindset of the Sumatran Tiger.  The system is known for its brutal close quarter combat, very aggressive and unforgiving ground fighting.  It is also known for its rigorous conditioning especially on the legs of the aspiring Silat Practitioner.  It comes from the Island of Sumatra in Indonesia west of the Sunda Islands.


We teach and represent the Macan Hitam Harimau Minangkabau system of Maha Guru Hanafi & Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de Bordes.

Group classes locations:

Miami : Guru Santiago Dobles

North Miami: Esly Caldwell III

Homestead Fl : Omar Abdulrahman


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