American Dutch Indonesian – Indonesian – Chinese Self Defense Martial Science & Well Being

  • Makao Kuntao Serak de Thouars  – Pukulan Serak “Dalam” The Inner closed door Teachings of the de Thouars Family & Pak Serak
  • Kuntao Silat Dethouars  “Old Hand Kung Fu” Internal & External Martial System of Oom Willem de Thouars
  • Machan Hitam de Bordes – Hanafi family Harimau Minangkabau Silat
  • Weaponry training: Stick, Staff, Knife, Kerambit, Golok (machete), Sword, Flexible weapons (Sarong, Rope, Chain), Gun Disarms and Weapon Retention
  • Explosive Empty Hand Combative training, Fierce Close Quarter Combat &  Destructive Ground fighting
  • Dr Glenn Morris’s Hoshin Ninpo Taijutso, &  KAP (Kundalini Awakening Process) Chi Kung, Taoist & Tibetan Energy Yoga, Kundalini Meditation
  • Cimande Energy Healing & Cimande Massage, Reiki & Chi Kung Healing
  • Willem de Thouars’s Sehat: Chi Kung & Tenaga Dalam (Moving Meditations, Stillness Meditation & Breathing exercises for Flexibility,  Health, Rejuvenation and Longevity and to release stress & Tension.)
  • Strength Training & Conditioning
  • *To Register for classes, Tuition Fees, schedule a worksop or Seminar and for more information and exact class location please contact:Guru Santiago:  sdobles @ gmail.com or call 786.752.0052 

*These are old traditional arts and are not commercialized. We teach as it is taught in the “Old Ways” of Pencak Silat  and we keep things traditional and in line with code of proper “ADAT HORMAT” .

Adat = Customs, Tradition

Hormat = Respectful, Courteous, Homage & Admiration

Click here for a  Clip of Silat


Contact us for more information:



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